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We are specialist suppliers of Traffic Contravention Management Systems, Red-light & Speed Fixed Camera, Mobile Speed Cameras, City Centre Surveillance, Biometric Access Control, Electronic Weighbridge and CCTV Installations to a wide range of government and corporate clients in Southern Africa. Procurex is a Level 1 BBBEE certified QSE, with a procurement recognition spend of 135%, as certified by NIB Rating Agency.


Monitoring and enforcing compliance to the rules of the road and people safety are the basis upon which our company was formed. We aim to bring order to the chaos of road management as well as reduce safety concerns for our corporate clients in their buildings. To us, monitoring means preventing contravention from occurring, while punitive measures for the contravention often results in needed revenue to the municipalities and metropolitans we service. We are passionate about people safety, and this underpins everything we do. Procurex, providing solutions for a better life!

Our Values

Safety First! Sustainable relationships with our clients and partners Create competitive advantage for our customers through our systems Continually innovating and improving


After completing his undergrad studies in the now named Nelson Mandela Metro University in Port Elizabeth, David Jiyana acquired over 10 years’ experience in supply chain for multinational corporates such as Microsoft, AngloGold, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, US Commercial Services and GlaxoSmithKline to name a few. In 2007 he saw a shortage in the market for locally manufactured traffic management software and hardware, and went in search of companies to produce this with him. Today Procurex prides itself in the knowledge that all its gadgets are 100% South African manufactured products. In partnership, Procurex has developed the 1st ever mobile electronic ticket issuing gadget in Southern Africa, a development which is set to revolutionise the way traffic officers issue and track traffic contravention fines. In 2010 became the first 100% black owned small enterprise to manage and supply a comprehensive traffic management system to a large metropolitan municipality. Today, he is pursuing his Masters in Supply Chain management, a qualification which will add great value to the services he offers his clients.


CCTV and Access Control

  • Designs
  • Design CCTV
  • Systems Design Access control systems
  • Design solar systems
  • Fibre design.
  • Electrical design, related to Security technologies, upper level of design 220Vac Installations
  • CCTV = Cities, Mines, Diamond, gold and Platinum, Warehousing, Petro Chemical, Estates, Buildings, Hotels
  • Access control = Mines, Diamond, gold and Platinum, Warehousing, Petro Chemical, Estates, Buildings, Hotels
  • Fibre optics. = Cities, fibre to the home, Mines, Diamond, gold and Platinum, Warehousing, Petro Chemical, Estates, Buildings,
  • Solar systems related to security technology = Warehousing throughout Africa, City Surveillance, Farming.
  • Design and manufacture. Inhouse registered and Patented.
  • STEVE (Surge Technology for electrical and video equipment)
  • Gladiator, Outdoor pepper gas units.
  • Rack Master Plug and Play headend systems.
  • Camera Pole.
  • Component Repairs.

Traffic Management

Procurex provides high tech traffic contravention management technology. Designed to assist municipalities/metros in enhancing road safety by increasing officer’s productivity, the system provides a platform for accurate information capturing and speeding up the infringement process. TRAFFPHIX reduces processing costs by introducing traffic administration processes in a managed environment. The system incorporates a wide range of services that assists administrators in processing offences faster and more efficiently. TRAFFPHIX directly communicates to collection services such as Road Block Assist and Mobile Payments, and increases administration productively by 200%. TRAFFPHIX processes offenders with easy access to their offences, which allows offenders to honor obligations in an effortless manner. CintoBlox designed TRAFFPHIX to provide ease of administration in an easy to use way. TRAFFPHIX automates offences and guides back office operators though stages. Controlling and managing timelines and expectations throughout the process. The information is processed and managed in the most effect way. Saving time and speeding up operational back office work. Visibility is key, and TRAFFPHIX makes sure that throughout the process nothing is left behind. While making sure that operators and management can see the full picture and smaller pieces in-between. TRAFFPHIX’s processes ensure that offences are processed in the right way, which enhances higher revenue streams because of an effect back office and in the field operations.

ANPR Systems

Road safety in most countries are managed by government security agencies, such as the police, metro police or traffic officers. These departments are tasked with duties in every safety aspect, with road safety just being one task. To enable officers in the field, departments around the world have started implementing ANPR systems on vehicles and fixed locations. The aim is to reduce road accidents, manage the flow of traffic while reducing traffic jams and to improve the collection of outstanding traffic fines. ANPR systems capture the passing vehicle, the license plate is queried against multiple databases in real time, after which the system will determine if the vehicle is licensed, was the vehicle reported stolen or does the vehicle have a history of bad driving. On further investigation the officer will be able to determine if the number plate matches the vehicle make, model and colour, or if the chassis number matches to engine number and so on. This important information can allow the officers to react to unlicensed or stolen vehicles within seconds. Also the ANPR systems can locate the direction a stolen vehicle is traveling, which will reduce the time taken from reporting to recovering stolen cars.

Digital Speed Cameras

The CSC 3000 is a digital speed laser camera, the unit has built in GPS and Wifi, and can be upgraded with an optional 3G moderm. The CSC 3000 is compact and lightweight, and can be controlled remotely. The CSC camera unit transfers data to the CSC tablet wirelessly, as the CSC camera unit captures a speeding vehicle the image is sent to the tablet, where the officer can inspect the quality of the image and automatically sync the images to the back office image processing centre.


MTM e-Citations Benefits
MTM removes the ability to capture errors on the control document, the system uses information scanner from the offenders drivers license and/or vehicle to automatically gather the offenders latest information. Scanned or captured offenders ID number or vehicle license registration number is used the automatically search for the offenders lastest information, including outstanding fines or warrants. This reduces error capturing to 0%, all information submitted to the backoffice is 100% correct, and the printed traffic fine is clear and correct.
Collection while on duty - The MTM solution is automatically monitoring for outstanding fines, warrants and pending summons, the device inform the officer in the field. Everything an officer does a random check, stop and go or issues a traffic fine, the offender will be presented with all his/ her outstanding fines, and all outstanding warrants. MTM provides officers with key information, where as without MTM officers will not be able to detect offenders with executable warrants.
Road accidents cost countries millions in revenue every year. While MTM does not stop road accidents from happening, it does play a role in limiting accidents from occuring. MTM checks for fake or cloned license drivers, vehicle registration disks, stolen vehicles and, MTM is a multi-link platform, devices communicate to each other in near real-time. Therefore, MTM lets officers know if the offender was stopped or issued a traffic earlier in the day, letting the offender know that all offences are visible no matter where the offence takes place.
Analytics is key in any sector or industry, MTM's analytics engine provides a wealth of statisicaly information that can be used to enhance road safety, revenue collection and services. MTM analytics looks are revenuce collection patterns, road safety improvement zones, officer performance and key areas linked to the type of offences. MTM hosts a wide range of reports and dashboards, and has the ability to include custom reports and dashboards. The MTM analytics engine provide daily, weekly, monthly, annual and custom date time reporting, and reports can be exported to PDF and Excel.
 MTM increase productivity in many ways, such as; traffic fines are uploaded directly into the back-office system from the MTM device, officers are able to search for offenders records in the field, the average time taken to capture a fines is reduces by more then 50%, no need to order traffic fine books, no more managing lost or stolen traffic fine books, and lot more. MTM reduces the man hours to operate a back-office to full capacity and allows valuable resources to be redeployed to other regions or sectors.
MTM is friendly to the environment, no more wasted paper. MTM stores all records electronically and is avalible at a click of the button. Limiting paper saves on the expense of purchasing new traffic fine books each year, therefore decreasing your carbon footprint. MTM FUNCTIONS (please note depended on country) ISSUE TRAFFIC FINE Issue Section 56, handwritten 341 or AARTO notice VIEW TRAFFIC FINES Provides the officer with the ability to view the offenders history of offences, and allows the officer to take a card payment. (payment is country dependent) AIR NOTIFICATION Air notification lets the back-office to beam information, images or videos to the MTM device. The information can be used to assist the officers locate a criminal, stolen vehicle, etc.
Accident reports can be captured directly onto the MTM device, MTM can also capture images and videos and the scene. Accident reports are automatically updated to the Accident Pro system. The system automatically drafts the accident reports into the accident form.

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